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 Common frequent issues in Microsoft Outlook   image

Despite one of the largest Email service providers in the world, Microsoft Outlook is not evaded from the common errors, occur in the Email service, add an element of annoy among the users.
Frequent Issues
  • Slow speed- Activation of Antivirus. Many antivirus tools, associated with Outlook connector, scan the emails in Outlook automatically. Disable the antivirus and check whether it was the real culprit or there is another thing that is creating a hassle. If the antivirus is the real convict then update the antivirus or else contact outlook support number if you face this issue frequently.  
  • Operation time out while waiting for a response from receiving server-  
  1. The possible reason for this issue is to the connection to the mail server is slow. If the issue persists then increase the server time out: go to Outlook file menu> account settings> double click on your email account> more settings> advanced settings> increase the server time-out period. 
  1. Sending a large series of Emails. When you send a series of emails, your email account is locked until the first operation is performed. If the first operation of sending an email takes a longer time than usual then the second operation would not be able to perform on its decided time, this might also create no response from the server. So, ensure that the size of the data files is sufficiently manageable.  
  • Unable to receive/send emails- Sometimes, firewall prevents Outlook to perform its regular operations. So, disabling the Firewall is a better option when you encounter such problem. On some occasions Email antivirus interrupts and delays the processing of Emails. Fall towards Outlook support number if the issue persists. 
  • The most probable reason, None of the authentication methods supported this client are supported by your server- The possible reason is the outgoing mail server settings. The best possible solution to solve this problem is to edit your account settings and mark the option “log on to incoming server before sending mail”. Go to Outlook profile menu> Account settings> Double click on your email account> More settings> Outlook Server> mark the option “my outgoing server requires authentication”, then mark the option “Log on to incoming server before sending mail”. Now, you are almost done here.   
Why to tackle such issues?
If you are facing one of the mentioned issues then you could also follow the respective solution, but if the issue is outside the given issues then contact Outlook customer support number.
Hardware troubleshooting for Lenovo Laptops  image
Hardware devices are the components that are physically connected to the device. Unlike software, you could touch and see the hardware devices. Issues related to hardware devices are manually detectable and resolvable.
Hardware Troubleshooting
  • USB/Wireless Keyboard- Ensure that the USB cable is securely installed to the given port. Check the keyboard. If the keyboard does not work well, then check the cable or connect the USB keyboard to another port. The second case for the keyboard is when your keyboard is wireless. In this case the drivers installed on your computer play a critical to connect your wireless keyboard to the system. Check for the drivers first in the case of connecting error with the keyboard. 
  • USB/Wireless Mouse- A mouse is the most important component device of traditional computers. In laptops, you do not necessarily need a mouse. So, for regarding traditional computers, a mouse is a must. The same USB cable, as same as keyboard, is attached to the mouse that is connected to a port of your device. The same goes with the wireless mouse. Required drivers must be installed on your system. Missing file of the drivers might cause a device unable to connect with the mouse. 
  • Desktop issue- The most common issue that appears on the desktop is the frozen screen. The Frozen screen is the end result of the non-responding applications in your PC. These applications also create a trouble while restarting the system or cause longer time duration for restarting the system.  
Technical Hardware Issues
  • When an installed hardware device is not detected. This issue arises due to technical failure, contact Lenovo support number
  •  Check if your audio device is plugged in. 
  • Driver updates are not automatically installed by Windows Update. This is a common issue that is faced by a PC user in the niche of hardware issues. 
Technical hardware issues are a real headache that might give some monotonous days. You do not need to be a tech savvy to resolve your Hardware issues. All you need to do is to follow manual instructions or a reliable guide that could instruct you a step by step method to get through all your hardware problems. If you are searching for an online guide then is the reliable destination to get your all hardware queries resolved. Do not get tricked by spamming websites. 
Apple Ipod Support image
iPod is a portable handheld electronic device that is used store audio as well as video files. It is a small device to carry humongous amount of electronic data. It is also known as digital media player. It is not limited to just music and video, It also rules games and makes video calls. Being a multitasking device, there are some Technical flaws that occur while using it.
Technical errors 
  • Turning On/Off: Unable to open music player is the real deal that almost every iPod user faces. Most of the time music player in iPod Unable to open cause the device more irritating to a user. This issue is generally caused by overloading of data files. This overloading sometimes freezes the device and forces the device unable to access to the end user.
  • Synching: a strange number generated by iTunes happens when synching problem occurs.
  • Playing Media: Something a running video suddenly stops running. This happens because of failure of software. It not a big issue, after rebooting your device this error disappears.
  • Resetting iPod: Resetting iPod is similar to rebooting. You would not lose your data after rebooting. To reset: Press and hold the menu and select buttons together until the iPod starts.
  • Retrying your iPod: Try different synching cable if your iPod is no synching properly or try different USB port.
  • Software Updation: Remove iTunes software and update it again if your iPod freezes consistently. Make sure the software in your iPod is up to date.
  • Sync with new admin account: Create a new admin account, open iTunes which will be new library then Sync iPod with this new library, if it works then it would be good for your hardware problems.
  • Corrupt Files: Corrupt mp3 files and Photo might cause trouble in the device that would urge you to rush towards iPod customer support number. This might also cause some hardware conflicts.
There are still more Technical errors that arise apart from mentioned problems. How to deal with them quickly is the real problem. If you face such issues then without giving a second think visit . It is the best website to solve your all queries related to Apple as well as other Apple devices.
iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus both have its unique features we compare them both and tell which is best for you. You can contact us at iPhone customer support number for any details.
Both iPhone7 and iPhone 7 plus launched this year by Apple Inc. both smart have its unique features and similarity we are going to discuss which phone is having more edge as compare to other and give you all the description so you can check which phone is more suitable for you. And for further assistance, you can contact us at iPhone  support number. We provide the services worldwide so can ask your queries from any part of the world.
So we discuss between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus
1. Design and Size.
iPhone doesn’t make any big changes in design they are looking same as it is previous iPhone so this is very disappointing for the users. But the major change in both the devices is that they are missing with the headphone jack. And it is fitted with just a single Lightning port and users is not able to charge their phone while listening to music with his new headphone.
iPhone 7 plus is more durable than any other iPhone devices and it has a dual camera which gives you the best quality picture so yes iPhone 7 plus is better than iPhone  7 in durability and camera quality. iPhone7 Plus is bigger than iPhone can contact us at iPhone tech support number.
2.  Display
Not very much changes in quality of display iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus look similar with OLED display and panel and resolution is best on both devices they have the resolution of 2K(2650*1440) iPhone 7 has more pixel density of 401 ppi because it has larger screen size of 5.5 inch and iPhone 7 has a pixel density of 326 ppi. Both devices use the Retina HD can contact us at iPhone customer support number.
3. Performance
Both devices are equipped with A10 Fusion chipset having Quad Core processor,2GB RAM in iPhone 7 and 3GB RAM in iPhone 7 plus but it is not confirmed about the iPhone 7 plus. Apple has delivered 40% faster speed and performance in their processors and 50% graphic performance as compared to other devices. Which results there are no lags in heavy games and your device do not get hanged if you are doing multitasking.
Hope this post helps you to get choose your devices for more support contact us at iPhone helpline number.
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